JClass FAQs

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Does my maintenance plan from Quest carry over to Scout Solutions?

Yes, we honor all active Quest support and Maintenance plans. Request a free upgrade to Scout Solutions to continue receiving support.


Why is Quest no longer providing support for JClass Products?

Scout Solutions acquired the JClass Software from Quest. On September 11, 2019, Quest Software entered into an agreement with Scout Solutions to provide all product support for JClass products going forward. Quest will no longer be providing any technical support for JClass products. For all questions related to Quest JClass Software and Products, contact Scout Solutions for support

Who Do I Renew my Support Agreement With?

Going forward, Scout Solutions will be offering continued support agreements for purchase. Quest will not be renewing any support agreements. If you would like to continue receiving support for JClass products, purchase a support agreement through Scout Solutions. Contact us to renew your support agreement or purchase a new one. 


If I don't currently have a support plan, is there a way I can start a new one?

Yes, with a purchase of a new license, we can start a new maintenance plan. Contact us to purchase a new license.


How much is it to upgrade to the new Scout version of JClass?

It is free to upgrade your current version of JClass to our new and improved JClass version. Contact us to upgrade to our new software. 

How do I know if I have an active support agreement?

If you are unsure if you have an active support agreement, reach out to us to verify. If you do not have an active agreement, you can purchase one through Scout Solutions. Contact us to purchase a support agreement.



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