Add powerful graphing and charting capabilities to your Java applications instantly

JClass DesktopViews and JClass ServerViews help you add 100% fully customizable Java graphing, charting, gauges, and layout components to your Java desktop and serverside Java applications. Learn more about JClass and its functions.


We will be rolling out many exciting new developments to the JClass suite of software in the coming months. If you’re a current Quest customer with an active maintenance and support agreement, upgrade with us for free to get continued technical support and access to our new versions of both JClass ServerViews & JClass DesktopViews. 



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This suite of 100% fully-customizable Java components enables you to create rich user interfaces for your desktop Java applications. JClass DesktopViews contains six sets of components:

JClass ServerViews 

You can use this suite of 100% fully-customizable Java components to create rich user interfaces for your serverside Java applications. JClass ServerViews contains three sets of components:



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Our blog discusses tips and tricks for using JClass software. Browse our JClass articles and learn how to get the most out of JClass. If you need further assistance, contact our JClass support team




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