JClass DesktopViews Elements

Our newly updated JClass DesktopViews Elements software brings upgrades and improvements to the DesktopViews suite of components. If you currently have an active maintenance agreement with Quest, upgrade to our new and improved version of Elements for free.

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JClass Elements
JClass Elements

What is JClass Elements?

JClass Elements is a collection of GUI components and utility classes to add more capabilities to your Java program. With JClass Elements, you have an extended set of user interface components to use in your Java program. You can combine Swing elements with JClass elements for added functionality and better user experience. Some knowledge of programming is required to use JClass Elements.


Increase Java Swing Functionality

Swing components are the most significant part of the Java Foundation classes, but they lack some important elements. Swing components cover basic needs, but some commonly useful functionality is missing when only using Swing. To solve this issue, you can use JClass elements in combination with Swing, and you can also use Elements to enhance Swing’s functionality.

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JClass Elements
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JClass Elements Features

JClass Elements has the following powerful features:

  • Implements utility functions, making your java app easier to use and more user-friendly.
  • JClass components augment the standard swing components, adding functionality. You can either use Swing or JClass elements in your Java app and combining the two can add additional functionality to your Java app.
  • Layout manager components ease layout tasks, making designing a layout for your application easier
  • Very user-friendly and easy to adapt to your personal needs. 
  • Integrates with all of Quest Software’s other JClass products

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