JClass DesktopViews LiveTable

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JClass LiveTable
JClass LiveTable

What is JClass LiveTable?

JClass LiveTable is a table component built entirely in Java. It allows users to organize data in a grid (rows and columns) format similar to Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. This robust component includes the functionality to add text, images, hyperlinks, and many other Java components.

Display Data that Tells a Story

JClas LiveTable is a crucial part of Java programming. The ability to create a matrix to display and analyze your data is vital for business analyses and business intelligence. JClass LiveTable gives users this powerful ability, and most importantly, it is all accomplished in Java.
JClass LiveTable
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JClass LiveTable

JClass LiveTable enables you to control the following:

  • Where to extract the data from, otherwise known as the data source for the table. You can use stock data sources or create your own.
  • Cell editing and display behavior for any data achieved by custom or preset/default means
  • Labels for columns and rows
  • Display options, such as colors, fonts, borders, alignment & spacing for cells and labels
  • Dragging of rows and columns to any new position in the table
  • Sorting of columns any way you like, including “freezing” rows and columns
  • Moving rows and columns, in addition to adding, deleting, and dragging them
  • Scrolling by attaching preset or custom scrollbars, where they are attached, and when they appear.
  • Cell selection and traversal, or moving the current cell pointer from one cell to another.

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