JClass DesktopViews PageLayout

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JClass PageLayout
JClass PageLayout

What is PageLayout?

JClass PageLayout is part of the JClass DesktopViews suite of components. It gives developers and users the ability to build pages entirely in Java. It is very flexible and customizable, allowing programmers a multitude of ways to display a page on the screen or paper.

Create Beautiful Layouts

This powerful component offers Java developers different methods of outputting data to Java applications. JClass PageLayout is an essential component in JClass DesktopViews that allows developers to customize how pages are rendered and printed.
JClass PageLayout
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JClass PageLayout Features

JClass PageLayout allows you to:

  • Select or create page templates, including the physical size of the page, size of frames holding texts and images, or when to render the next page if the current page is full
  • Creating and modifying text styles, such as headings, regular, bold, italic, and alignments (indents, line spacing, and paragraph spacing)
  • Map to standard fonts or add your own fonts
  • Render multi-page documents to be displayed or converted for printing
  • Select or create printers
  • Control the flow of documents, as in how text and images are rendered, including margins, headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Send documents to specified printers, such as PDF printers
  • Create tables within documents and modify how they are shown
  • Add formulas to pages and tables using MathVector

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