JClass ServerGauge

Our newly updated ServerGauge software brings upgrades and improvements to the ServerViews suite of components. If you currently have an active maintenance agreement with Quest, upgrade to our new and improved version of ServerGauge for free.

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JClass ServerGauge
JClass ServerGauge

What is ServerGauge?

JClass ServerGauge is a highly customizable GUI component entirely written in Java. It is similar to JClass DesktopViews Gauge, but operates on the server instead. ServerGauge and Gauge are similar programs, so understanding one will help you understand the other. It allows developers to display data in a dashboard/gauge format that is visually appealing and displays live data as it is happening.

Display Data in a Visually Appealing Format

Being able to display crucial and time-sensitive data in a Circular or Linear display allows decision makers to make informed and timely decisions. With JClass ServerGauge, you can display data in a visually appealing form. For those that use ServerViews, ServerGauge is a big help for creating beautiful charts. 
JClass ServerGauge
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JClass ServerGauge Features

JClass ServerGauge has the following powerful features:

  • Highlight fluctuating data in real-time 
  • Choose to display Circular or Linear gauges. 
  • Circular gauges that can be used are ones seen in automobiles, airline cockpits, control rooms, among many others, including customized design. 
  • Linear gauges that are available are thermometers, progress meters, level and volume indicators, in addition to custom designs
  • Control detailed parts of the gauge, such as the Header and Footer, Placeable labels, Scales, Indicators, and Needles
  • Control non-visible parts, like Gauge Constrain and Gauge Layout. 
  • Control Gauge appearance and interactivity through Rendering order and sizes
  • Choose to display a Switch gauge, which can be a simple switch (two states) or multiple selectable states.


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