Transforming Digital Experiences of Patients and Their Doctors

Our multi-year strategic partnership with a medical technology company began modestly by arming their sales team with digital tools to share with physicians in the field. We’ve since guided our client in improving patients’ lives through mobile technology, IoT and patient-centered design.


Digital Consulting

Experience Strategy






Start Small, Think Big

We rapidly prototyped a mobile app that connects with implanted medical devices to monitor activity and slower-than-average heart rates of bradycardia patients. Initially asked to help our client envision the solution, we asked much more from ourselves. By carefully considering design, we earned the greater opportunity to develop a solution that was even more impactful for our client and their patients.

Patient-Centered Design

During qualitative user research we met with multiple bradycardia patients who had an implanted medical device.

Discoveries: The embedded devices of the patients paired to old, expensive systems which we sought to replace with cost-effective solutions using modern mobile technology. The intent was to make patients lives better – and give our client an impactful and cost-effective solution. Bradycardia patients told us they didn’t want to dwell on the device inside them, but rather on the life ahead of them. Empathetic, patient-centered design helped us replace a laborious data-transmission process with a mobile experience that’s automatic, easy and out of mind.