Increasing Productivity and Enabling Efficiency

Our client, a national casual dining chain, was facing a considerable challenge: the interface and process flow of their internal incident management tool was poorly designed and difficult to use. The result was inaccurate reporting, inefficient processes and substantial productivity loss across a number of departments.

As a trusted partner for over a decade, our client challenged us to make it a better tool that worked for them, not against them.

Eliminating Internal Roadblocks

Deeply familiar with our client’s business goals and vision, we were able to bring that knowledge into the strategic discovery and planning phase. After conducting in-depth user research, we identified pain points in the system’s design and crafted a solution that eliminated roadblocks and led to a significant decrease in reporting errors.

The new system is so intuitive that staff now require zero training to learn how to use it. Time spent submitting tickets has gone from an average of five minutes per incident down to three minutes, and accuracy of submission requests has shot from 50 percent up to nearly 100 percent accuracy. Multiply those improvements across our client’s 500-plus corporate stores, and the increase in efficiency has had a remarkable impact.

“The biggest win was just how simple and elegant it was. You leverage the system and you don’t have to think through it.”

– Casual Dining Team Member

Quick Wins, Long-Term Impact

We’ve collaborated on numerous initiatives that have helped accelerate our client’s digital roadmap, including providing UX design and information architecture for their Android and iPhone in-app ordering feature, and measurably reducing order abandonment by redesigning the customer interface of their online ordering system.

Our relationship with our client is built on a sense of mutual trust and deep collaboration, and we look forward to continuing to work together toward positive business impact.